Boom, Cash and Balderdash Book Photo Boom, Cash and Balderdash:
A different Look at Fairbanks during Pipeline Construction
By Jerry Fears

Foreword by Lowell Thomas, Jr.
175 pages, 5 ˝ X 8", hardbound, ISBN 0-918270-02-2, $24.95

"The Great Benefactor - Alyeska - was dispensing great bundles of cash. Those were the days of boom, cash and balderdash . . ."
- Jerry Fears, author

"Jerry Fears is perhaps the closest to a real live celebrity that Fairbanks can support."
- Fairbanks Daily News Miner

Boom, Cash and Balderdash
"...this collection of short articles paints vividly the mood of the times.[1975-77] Though how would I really know: I wasn't born yet. Anyway, I loved these dispatches; they are so sly and so full of love for Fairbanks." -- Kseniya Melnik

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 Photo of Jerry Fears at his desk at KFAR-TV (now KATN-TV) in 1976 by Welmon 'Rusty' WalkerMuch has been written about Alaska; about Fairbanks in particular, by cheechakos. Cheechakos are people who have resided in the 49th state less than one year. In Fairbanks you might sometimes be referred to as "chichaco" unless you were there before the 1967 flood. The author of BOOM, CASH AND BALDERDASH first lived Alaska in 1948. This book is a compilation of selected news commentaries beginning in January 1975 with, Fairbanks is Many Things, through August 1977 with, Different Kind of Life. Jerry Fears, was then the News Director of KFAR-TV Channel 2, NBC affiliate at Fairbanks. The commentaries represent a different look at Fairbanks during the Alaska pipeline construction. Be it drunks on the Chamber of Commerce lawn, prostitutes on the world famous Second Avene, or that 800-mile 48-inch tunnel, his mini essays have chronicled the life of Fairbanks through a very difficult period. - From the book’s dust jacket

There are a total of 90 commentaries in this work. How Much Time for a Lost Soul? (Page 122) originally appeared in the Tundra Times, and The Reader's Digest (Canadian Edition)

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"Each episode in this book stands on its own as a short 'short story' giving a new insight into life on the American frontier . . . Jerry's commentaries are not only interesting, but are full of humor and frontier philosophy. I heartily recommend them to anyone as good reading, whether interested in Alaska or not"
- Lowell Thomas, Jr.

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