This is the book version of the national touring play that weaves black history, dance, poetry, puppetry, storytelling, music, speech, and drama into a wonderful, informative experience. The Black leaders depicted are: Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Booker T. Washington, Haki R. Madhubuti, Frederick Douglas, High John Griot, W.E.B. DuBois, and Sgt. Emanuel Stance.

Book Photo - Click for Secure OrderingCAN I SPEAK FOR YOU BROTHER?:
A One Man Play Depicting Black Leaders

This play has been on national tour with The African American Drama Company for 20 plus years, and has appeared in all 50 states at least twice.

By Phillip E. Walker, MFA

Forward by Prof. Ethel Pitts Walker
Includes 14 photos from live performances, Selected Bibliography, and history of the play, ISBN 0-918270-13-8, Paperback $19.95.

The Play praises Black men whose vision forced them out front in the fight for a dignified place in the American society. None lost sight of the goal, and none turned back.

"Chance to learn, think, laugh and most of all, be moved by the promise and vision of extra-ordinary leaders" Alison Roberts, Sacramento Union, Sacramento, CA

Puppets in ActionThe study of Black History reveals many unrecognized heroes, and it would take several volumes to accurately depict those important black leaders who made contributions to their people and this nation.

The leaders presented in this play represent only a few of those who committed and dedicated themselves to creating a better world. although these Black men walked quite different paths, and each viewed the world from a different perspective, and each spoke to a different audience, there is a commonality between them - they formed the human links in the chain of existence for Black people and allowed Black people to continuously press on.

From the first Black slave brought to America, the constant struggle for freedom brought forth Black leaders who taught, inspired and fought unceasingly for human dignity. Through poetry, speeches, drama, song, and letters, CAN I SPEAK FOR YOU BROTHER? echoes their defiant cry, "I`M I A LONG TIME DYING!"

"Brilliant", Jerry Willis, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA

"Physical characterization is amazing", Woodie King, Jr., New Federal Theatre, New York, NY

"It will make you laugh & cry, but most importantly, it will make you think & feel & understand. It & about Black people, but is for all people to hear & comprehend & experience", Marilyn P. Denny, Suttertown News, Sacramento, CA

"Charms and challenges", Rebecca Hensley, Quad City Register, Rock Island, IL

"Stunned, chilled and warmed the hearts and souls", Patrice Smith, Evansville Courier, Evansville, IN

See Video Clips From a Live Performance


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A highly recommenced Web site link is The African American Drama Company
Famous for decades of traveling Black History Month presentations, A.A.D.C. is American's most extensively toured fine arts organization. It's mission, encouraging community involvement and awareness of African American accomplishments. Classes and workshops are free with this theater's plays. The above site contains the company's history and information on programs, tour schedules and reviews.

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