Many Easy Magic Tricks Revealed in this 3 Book Set on CD-ROM. Amaze Your Friends and Family. Here are Easy but Professional Magic Tricks that a Beginner or Kid can do.
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Your Directions on How-to do Magic Tricks.

Ezy Magic (Tricks You will Do)
Ezy Magic Shows (You become a Star)
Ezy Magic Fun Book (For the Whole Family)

By John Williams
About The Author

Everyone loves to watch Magic shows. We see them on television and occasionally you might see one "live" in your city. They are always great fun.

You wonder, "How do they do that?" Maybe you thought, "Could I do that?"

Yes, you can! Ezy Magic 3 Book Set is packed with simple tricks you can amaze and amuse your friends (and yourself). The 3 Books total more than 260 pages of Tricks with Cards, Candy, Matches, Money, Rope and even Mind Reading so you can impress everyone with your superior mental powers!

You also get the essential tips on presentation that make your tricks impress, not just puzzle your audiences.

Magic is a great hobby for people of all ages and abilities. Learning and performing can improve almost anyone's confidence, dexterity and social skills.

It's a fantastic family activity, either learn with your children or learn the tricks yourself, then perfom for your family and friends.

You can even Make Money with your shows.

Speakers, sales-people. educators. medical professionals, all people who interact with others in their business lives will find great ice-breakers to add a little fun to meetings and consultations.

There is a special section of unbeatable bets you can't lose unless you want to. A favorite is the one you win every time just by making sure you give the wrong answer!

You do NOT have to buy any special props or accessories. You have everything you need to become a skilled and popular performer except the knowledge which John Williams gives you from his years of professional performance.

These methods work and it can all be yours.

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YOU Can Be A Star!

With Your Book #2 - This Amazing Guide Teaches You Everything You Need To Know To Create, Produce and Star in
Your Very Own Ezy Magic Show.

Okay, so maybe we can't all win a Hollywood Oscar, or star on a London stage.  But, if you have ever had that little tickle in the back of your mind asking yourself, ". . .I wonder if I could. . . .?

What if...

...someone had ACTUALLY performed professionally and had an answer to that question?

What if...

...there really WAS a way to learn how to create, produce and perform in your own magic show?

What if...

....there was a simple and easy guide that you could follow that would continue to teach you as you master the craft?

And what if...

...YOU had complete access to learning those "magical" secrets that astound audiences the world over?

Well hang on because here is your chance!

John Williams did it and he is here to teach you how!   John covers everything from start to finish.

How to develop your stage presence

What props you will need

How to dress - natural or "in character"

Everything you say and do. . .and why

Amateur or Pro?

Secret of "the list"

Insider magic secrets

It's all here, wrapped up in one neat package.  Can you do it?  We think you can!

Will it happen overnight?  No.  Are there any guarantees?  Of course not.  However, if you have a sincere desire to perform and have the drive to work at it, you can learn to create, produce and star in your very own magic show.

If you learn nothing else from EzyMagic Shows, you will gain priceless knowledge in the art of "fun and laughter!"

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Here is John's 3rd book For You, the Ezy Magic Fun Book!

It's full of fun tricks, puzzles and projects.  There is definitely something inside for every member of your family!

. . .Sssh, you could keep all these secrets to yourself and absolutely amaze everyone!  But, isn't it better to share the fun?

How about this fun-filled lineup:


Simple juggling, jokes and other stunts that get laughs from everyone.


Bring the classic entertainment, chalk-talking, up to date and find crafty bugs in your friends' names.


Build your own puppet theatre and make puppets. Some full-size and some you can carry in your pocket.


Use matches, coins, a bottle and straw and some cups to baffle your friends!


Tricks to amaze and amuse with everything from cards to eggs.

You can be the hit of your next party! Headline at the kids' school talent show! Enjoy hours of quality time with your family!

Get Ezy Magic Fun Books to make the occasion fun!  Add this set to your library or make them a favored gift, today!

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Also, because your books are electronic you can instantly search for key words and phrases in the full text of each book. You find what you are looking for fast and go right to that page. You may print some or all the pages from each book.

Your books are in the Adobe Acrobat PDF file format. This is the most popular electronic book format. Most computers already have the program called Acrobat Reader. If you donít have it, the latest version 6.0 of Acrobat Reader is on your Ezy Magic Books Set CD-ROM. Adobeís Verison 6.0 of Acrobat Reader is 15 Megabits of program. Acrobat Reader 6.0 is a great and vital program to have.

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