John Williams

Why Did He Expose so Many Secrets?

John Williams has the best job in the World as a professional magician for more than 15 years. He entertains audiences of all kinds with magic shows and Punch and Judy puppet shows all around Tasmania, Australia's smallest and best State.

He also presents workshops for business and other groups on Magic and other subjects including "Successful Public Speaking", "Reducing Stress with Laughter" and "Magic for Non-Magicians".

He knows people like you will benefit by learning to amuse and amaze friends and colleagues with simple but amazing Magic tricks.

Children improve their coordination, social skills and confidence. Adults enjoy entertaining their family, friends and colleagues and can also use simple tricks like those in "Ezy Magic" to improve sales meetings and other presentations.

John has personally tested every effect in his books and gives added hints to help you make a real impact with magic.

His newsletter, "Your Trick a Day" is emailed to hundreds of happy subscribers around the world. Refer to his Great eBook 'Ezy Magic' to find out how to subscribe to his "Your Trick a Day" newsletter for free!

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Ezy Magic Shows (You become a Star)
Ezy Magic Fun Book (For the Whole Family)

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