The Pickle Passion Cookbook

By Leonora Ching "The Pickle Lady"

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The International Pickling Cookbook
There are Few Cookbooks That Focus on Pickling

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The Proven International Cookbook Featuring Pickling Recipes for Eggs, Fruits and Vegetables - Starting From Scratch!

The Pickle Lady's Pickle Passion is a Hawaiian and international cookbook featuring pickling recipes for eggs, fruits and vegetables. It also contains hot sauce formulas with other preserving tips and hints.

The Pickle Lady by Josh Sand
from Hawaii Landscape: The Voice of Hawaii’s Green Industry
May/June 2013 Issue page 13, www.LandscapeHawaii.org
“Leonora is one of the busiest ‘retirees’ I’ve ever met.”
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"To be the Pickle Lady means reaching into galaxies beyond -- to Chinese Pickled Tea Eggs, Watermelon Rind Pickles, Burmese Pickled Shrimp, Sweet and Sour Star Fruit ..."
- By Betty Shimabukuro, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

All recipes are simple and inexpensive to make, require little preparation time and have no preservatives. Pickling is not a difficult process. These are "fix and eat" pickles and many are not sold commercially. Her recipes are hard to find outside of Hawaii. All this is in the Pickle Passion Cookbook.

"It's clear in looking over these recipes that Ching knows what she's doing and feels comfortable experimenting. . . .there are some very interesting ideas in this book and some recipes you won't readily find elsewhere."
- By Wanda Adams, The Honolulu Advertiser

"The Pickle Lady’s Pickle Passion is a unique cookbook. For 40 years, Ching has been recording formulas and maintaining notebooks on the subject. Now, it’s available for novices and accomplished chefs who want to get into pickling." - Hawaii Hospitality

Recipes, Formulas and Preserving tips for:

Chinese Pickled Tea Eggs


Crunchy Dry Mango Pickles

Green Mango with Soy Sauce

Lu Hing Pineapple

Pickled Mango

Watermelon Rind Pickles

Sweet Sour Star Fruit

Chili Pepper Water

Kelly’s Hot Sauce

Preserved Chiso Leaves

Preserved Fresh Garlic Cloves

Preserved Fress Ginger

Pickled Chili Peppers

Sin Choy

Baby Eggplant in Miso

Bread and Butter Pickles

Burmese Baby Mustard Cabbage Pickle

Burmese Cauliflower-Turnip Pickles

Burmese Pickled Bitter Melon

Chayote Pickles

Cucumber Kim Chee

Korean Eggplant Namul

Korean Pickled Whole Garlic Heads


Pickled Garlic

Pickled Ogo (Seaweed)

Pickled Onion

Repickled Dills

Rosemary Pickles

Southeast Asian Pickled Tomatoes

Soy Pickles Cucumber

Sweet Sour Pickled Young Ginger


Won Bok Kim Chee

Wrinkly Radish

Burmese Pickled Shrimp

About the Author

This third generation Chinese calls Hawaii home. Leonora “Pickle Lady” Ching was educated on the mainland and retired after 37 years as an occupational therapist. Her travels have taken her to many states and parts of Southeast Asia. Her heritage of rich Cantonese cooking and exposure to international foods has inspired her to constantly observe and learned first hand form women who have a passion for great food.

Leonora has a reputation for pickling and preserving fruits, vegetables, even eggs and shrimp. People would often gift her with the extra bounty from their fruit trees knowing the “Pickle Lady” won’t waste anything. She and her cooking has been featured on Hawaii televison (Local Kine Grinds).

Many recipes are family favorites handed down verbally though several generations. For the last 40 years Leonora has been recording perfected formulas. Friends, co-workers and family have taste tested samples. Craft fairs have demonstrated favorable responses to her pickled treats. At the urging of friends this is her first cookbook.

Now that Leonora has retired she has time to create more dishes and perhaps has found a new profession in writing and teaching to all ages. The Pickle Lady is sharing her passion for “scratch” cooking. Pickle Passion is just $14.97.

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