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Andrea Weber

Andrea Weber was a teacher for many years, then became a stay-at-home Mom.

She knows how difficult it can be to keep up with the ever increasing costs of raising a family. With the current business environment, it is getting harder to keep a job, let alone get a raise to help with a family’s expenses.

Andrea believes that many people want more income and are prepared to put time and effort into that. But, they read about or have even being caught by some of the scams which are designed to take money rather than help you.

Andrea wrote this guide to help people find the best and safest ways they could earn money from their own efforts without affecting their current job, if they have one, or impacting too much on the time they have for their family activities and responsibilities.

She is very grateful to her friends and many other people who willingly shared their experiences, mistakes and successes.

Andrea believes that learning to earn from your own efforts gives you a better understanding of business matters and that can improve your value to an employer if you just want to do your home business in your spare time.

Her book is focused on helping you to achieve your goals whether you want to try to replace or just top up your salary, spend more quality time with your family or build a nest egg for the inevitable rainy day.

Andrea shares many tips and ideas for earning money without leaving home except to spend your profits.


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