Your Home-Based Business:

And How to Make it Work

By Pete Billac

As Heard on Radio
The Objective (not-product/service or company supported) Assessment of Home Based Business Systems


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The book from a business pro and best selling author with book sales into multi-million copies. He explains why so many people fail in their home-based business. Then he shows you how-to make Your Home Based Business work. 


There are logical business guidelines to follow.  Understand how a Home Based Business is a real business; with all the rights and privileges of any large business or mega-corporation.  Learn the systems any person can adopt depending on their individual personality. You have choices. You can really do Your Home Based Business right.  Learn what you must do to become successful as well as what to avoid.


"Pete is an expert at restoring self-confidence and self-esteem in others . . ." -- Phil Donahue, National Television Talk Show Host


The truth is told about what is a pyramid scheme and what it is not. How the rich became richer and how the poor can also become rich. The information is here.  You want to resist jumping to conclusions. As you may have heard on a radio interview with Pete, get the candid truth.  In this book oftentimes the truth is not delicate. The author has researched this topic for several decades. You get guidelines used by those who have become successful legally; using systems that anyone can adopt - if you really want to make extra money with a chance to become rich.



Get a book that is fun to read.  It has sayings that some may call trite; such as: "I don't care how many times you've failed in the past.  It isn't how many times you've been knocked down; it's how many times you get back up!" However, that is a fact of success in business and life.


Understand the concept of linear versus residual/royalty income.  You can’t get rich working most jobs.  Even a highly paid (linear income) professional job can keep you from becoming rich, while increasing stress and demanding all your time and energy. 


Business ownership is the key.  Business owners make the big money.  Business owners are the last to take a loss.  Business owners are the very last to get laid off.  In fact business owners don’t get laid off.  They close their business and then start another.  The majority of professionals work (a job) for and are under the direct control of an employer or business owner. 


With Your Home Based Business it is not so much what you make, as it is what you get to keep. Then it’s having the time to spend it, where and how you like. Yes, that means using all the business tax deductions that you don’t get from your job.


Still those who cannot make a commitment and follow it through, or who are not willing to learn and adapt will not make a successful Home Based Business happen. Don't try to get into your own business unless you understand it and are willing to focus.  It is a chance for you to change your financial life, maybe forever! The first thing is don’t just try, “Do It.”  Do get this book and read it.


No!  The author Pete Billac doesn’t work for, sell for, nor is he being paid by any company. Pete Billac wants moms to "be there" when the kids come home from school.  He wants dads to “not” come home from a “regular” job, wolf down some food, and rush off to another job where he comes home too late to spend time with his kids or his wife.  Most important, he wants the single parent to have a real chance to change their financial life for the better.  No matter what, an extra $500 or more a month in cash would make a difference in the lives of most Americans.  Note: with your own business the extra CASH you earn is not filtered through an employer as it would be with a second job.

"The ladies were so taken with Mr. Billac's seminar, they were screaming for him to be the featured speaker at our Thirty-Fifth Annual Awards Dinner . . ."   -- Ouida DeBruhl. Mid-States Women's Conference


Learn to choose a company to partner with (as an independent contractor), a product/service and a compensation plan that can get you started with a small amount of money.  Get some independent options.  Start part-time; see if whatever you choose actually is for you.  If it is, then continue to work smarter and not harder.  Your efforts in the right direction and on the right things are the value and power that you bring to any system.  This book tells the truth and is unlike any other. 



It isn't easy to become rich. If it was, everybody would be rich; Your Home-Based Business book tells you how and what to do to make the real “Big” money.  How much you make depends on you! Start with a small investment, learn what you're talking about, share, “NEVER SELL.” Get the independent information you need to make an informed decision. 


Again, this book is not for everyone.  Only about 20 percent of the population is willing to step out of the box - the box everyone is born in.  Think about it.  At any given time in America some 20 percent of our population, for good or bad, is directly running/controlling things, setting the pace, making the rules, managing/bossing/leading and innovating. 


Suppose you are a genius or born rich. That is no guarantee that you are a 20 percent person.  Twenty percent people have side stepped out of “the ordinary human line.”  They have spoken up.  They have and are taking chances and the responsibility (with no excuses) for controlling things.  Some of these things are major.  Others are not so big.  Big, small, good or bad, all of these things are important in life. 


Since you have read this far you are probably a 20 percent person.  Many 20 percent people understand the power of small business.  Everyone should have at least one business on the side.  If we did, our country would be much stronger.  Business or commerce is not good or bad it just is. 


Without commerce or trade our society would soon end. Yes, some people in business do bad things; that is the person, a criminal, not business.  If you are a good person we really want you to own a small business.  Depending on mega-corporations too big to fail is hurting everything and everyone. 


Get more financial control in your life with your own home based business.  Get this book and read it.  Secure Order Here; receive your book in 5 Days.



About the Author – Mr. Pete Billac

Pete Billac has written 59 books, of which 47 have sold more than one million copies. Pete writes books that appeal to the masses.  He writes big print, little words easy to read short books.  He researches it like “Columbo” and he tells it like it is.  He is an outstanding communicator.


Pete researches and writes only what pleases him. He has penned books on adventure, relationships, famous people, self-help, health, law, romance, motivation, and business. His books are sold worldwide in several languages.


His work and business ventures are as varied as his writings.  He taught high school science and history, he's worked as salvage diver, Hollywood stunt man, owned a modeling agency, a charter airline, nightclubs, a string of art galleries and drilled for oil. He also served in both the US Army and Navy. 


Pete has written scripts for such popular television shows as All In the Family, M*A*S*H and Barney Miller. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in geology and a Masters degree in both physics and chemistry.  Mr. Billac received an athletic scholarship to Tulane University. He has won trophies for football, track and field, boxing, karate, tennis, golf, and skydiving.  Now, he lives on his ranch in Texas.


Pete's runaway best-selling book HOW NOT TO BE LONELY is in its 84th printing, and has sold more than eight million copies.  His books "talk" to people the way he’d talk to a friend. They understand what he is saying, he tells Facts, and they are Fun to read.


He conducts seminars at writer's conventions and for Fortune 500 companies. Cruise Lines seek his services because he is able to mix "messages" with laughter. He has spoken to more than 4,500 civic, social and business groups.


Pete is presently traveling around the world promoting his newest book: Your Home-Based Business. When at home, he does radio shows across the globe while personally answering upwards of 100 emails and 50 telephone calls per day.  Pete is a successful and knowledgeable businessman.  Get his 'As Heard on Radio' book Your Home-Based Business: And How to Make it Work.  Secure Order Here; receive your book in 5 Days.



Comments About The Author


“I am elated with the release of Mr. Pete Billac’s 'As Heard on Radio' Your Home-Based Business book.  He has the business acumen to write this book.  Even in these challenging times Home Based Businesses can be a financial lifeboat for many families.  Please note that Pete also has the scientific training for objective business analysis. I have run my own Home Based Business for 20+ years.  Yet, I learned a great deal from this book. You can trust Pete’s information. He understands what he is writing about.”

 Welmon “Rusty” Walker, Jr., MBA, CITRMS, University Adjunct Accounting Instructor



"Pete is a dynamic motivational speaker regardless of the topic. His communication skills are evident and his presentations are flawless. He never uses notes and he truly is funny, funny, funny!"  -- Roger Arnhardt, Magazine Publisher






As with all books offered from That New Publishing Company, Your Home-Based Business by Pete Billac when ordered here has a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee.  Return it and you will receive a full refund if you feel that the information in the book was not truly helpful.


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P. S.  Knowledge is true power; reading this book could make the difference for you or someone you care about.  If not, return it within 90 days for a full no questions asked refund.  Secure Order Here; receive your book in 5 Days.


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 P. P. S.  If you have a direct sales or network marketing Home Based Business you want to read what Mr. Billac wrote to me about getting qualified targeted business leads.  This info is not for someone new or who has not read Pete’s book yet.  Most won’t understand or believe it.  Email me with your Name, Phone no. for confirmation and state that you have direct sales or network marketing experience and I will send you the quote.  The email subject line will read:

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No one will get your email or phone info from me.

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